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WATCH: Kareena And Arjun Kapoor As An Atypical Couple In 'Ki And Ka' Trailer

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Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor play a couple in R Balki's upcoming Ki & Ka, whose trailer was released online on Monday afternoon.

What's new, you might ask, except this time there's a legit answer: Arjun plays a stay-at-home husband, while Kareena plays Kia, his ambitious, career-oriented working wife.

Sporting a subject that has never really been explored by Bollywood, the Ki & Ka trailer has fun playing around with stereotypes and subverting traditional gender roles. Arjun's character proclaims that his choice to be a homemaker is not because he's gay or effeminate, but because he just doesn't want the "jhanjhat" and stress that comes along with having a career. He even admonishes his wife for it at one point in the trailer, calling her a "corporate robot". She, on the other hand, is delighted that she's getting "a wife" instead of "a husband". This ends up sounding more derogatory than clever, but one supposes there's a point to it.

It looks intriguing and refreshing, for sure, but one hopes that the subject has been treated with more nuance than what's visible in the trailer, which you can watch here.

Ki & Ka releases on April 1 in theatres worldwide.

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