11/02/2016 9:16 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Men's Rights Groups Want Valentine's Day To Be Renamed 'False Rape Case Day'

Studio Shot of female's hands holding broken heart
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Studio Shot of female's hands holding broken heart

This Valentine's Day, the far right religious organisations who have traditionally objected to celebrating the day, will have company. The new entrants to the hate-Valentine's Day brigade are not worried about the West corrupting Indian sanskaar, but want to use the day to campaign against men-hating women. Men's rights organisations across Maharashtra have now urged people to not celebrate Valentine's Day and rename it as 'False Rape Case Day'.

A report on DNA states, "Men's rights activists are urging men to be wary of women who file false cases of sexual abuse after facing rejection in a relationship. On February 14 when people would be celebrating Valentine's Day, the activists would be urging men to instead observe it as "False Rape Case Day". Not only men's rights activists, women's groups are also working to spread awareness of men abuse laws."

The report narrates the story of one 'men's rights activist' who explains why the day should be renamed. He recounts the story of a girl who he had fallen in love with. After six months of being in a relationship, the girl allegedly filed a false rape complaint in the local police station after the man refused to give her money to start a business.

Since then, the man, identified as Husaini in the article has taken it upon himself to alert men against such women.

And it's not just men who are rallying for a renaming of Valentine's Day. They have company from women who are fighting for similar causes. A group called Mothers and Sisters of Husbands Against Abuse Law have lent their support to the movement. These women claim that men in their families have been heckled by women and have been framed by false complaints of domestic violence, rape, and unnatural sex.

Men's rights group came to the limelight in the past couple of years when women's rights group upped the ante in demanding laws that strictly punish abusers. Though these groups were meant to help men who have been framed and harassed by women using laws against rape and domestic violence, some of them turned into forums paint women as perpetrators of various crimes, ones who don't need the legal support they get from Indian laws. The Facebook page for one such group, for example, has recently commented on the Pachauri case, suggesting that the TERI chief maybe a victim of a false complaint.

The post on the page of Men's Rights India reads: "The woman, who claimed Pachauri made sexual advances at her more than 10 years ago, slammed Teri for appointing Pachauri executive vice chairman two days ago, thus elevating his status.


Another such group called Save Indian Family Foundation seems to have chosen the International Women's Day and the day before that to hold a protest in Bangalore against the atrocities on men. It cannot be a coincidence that they have chosen 8 March as the day to hold a hunger-strike by the Father's Rights Wings. They plan to demand equal rights for fathers being alienated from their children. The announcement on the website reads:

"1. Tired of being treated as FREE ATM MACHINES and SPERM DONORS, they speak up.

2. Tired of being treated as a visitor in their own child’s life, they come forward.

3. Exasperated with the high-handedness of a gynocentric family court system, fathers in Bangalore now say, “Enough is Enough”."

Though they claim to be battling evil designs of women, one can't help but notice how some of them seem to be leading a hate campaign against women!

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