08/02/2016 9:40 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

PHOTOS: This Man's Close Encounter With Leopard Inside Bengaluru School Is Stuff Of Nightmares


CCTV cameras installed in a private school near Varthur in Bengaluru showed the chilling footage of how close a cameraman came to being mauled by a stray leopard that sneaked into the premises on Sunday. The leopard attacked several people, including three forest department personnel. The man eventually escaped as people gathered at the spot started shouting to scare the feline and forest officials directed tranquilliser shots at it.

The leopard was first spotted by CCTV cameras inside the Vibgyor School at around 4:13 am. The leopard had escaped from the school premises during the day and was hiding inside nearby bushes. As authorities were in the midst of operations to capture it, it re-entered the school building by scaling a compound wall, officials told PTI.

AP released this spine chilling video of the attack.

There were also these photos that will give you nightmares for days.

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