06/02/2016 11:24 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

WATCH: This Video Shows What A Stunning City Kolkata Is

We tend to take cities for granted. On days, they are brick-and-mortar challenges to be fought off, on days they are home, the most familiar, humdrum patch of land in your life. On days you love them, on others, you wish you were somewhere else.

But what does your city look like? In your head, it's the familiar crowded seven-point crossing. The empty, dimply-lit road back home from a late-night shift. The houses with mossy walls around yours. The string of shops on a busy road, the ATMs beaming like glow worms in the dead of the night. The crowded railway station you dread, the quiet bookshop you crave. The picture you carry in your heads of your city is usually a mix of your likes, dislikes, your fears and your great loves.

Rarely do you get to see your city like you look at a painting. It's aloof monuments, its greying roads, its muddy rivers and green lakes. If you have lived and loved in Kolkata, here's your opportunity to apprise yourself to the beauty of the city you live in.

An aerial video of Calcutta, shot by Sandip De, will sure to make you homesick if you are from Kolkata. And may make you want to visit the city of you have never been there.

In the description section of the YouTube video, De has said, "Enjoy the magnificent view of my city kolkata in one foggy winter morning. The aerial view has been captured using a small quadcopter with several safety measures."

Next time you drop that packet of chips on the road or spit out that chewing gum against the Indian Museum wall, remember what a beautiful structure you had the fortune to be in and you are defiling without hesitation.

Watch the video above.

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