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UP Youth's Selfie With The District Magistrate Lands Him In Jail

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An 18-year-old in Uttar Pradesh took his obsession with selfies a step too far.

According to a report in The Times of India, Faraz Ahmad was put in jail for trying to click the perfect selfie with the Bulandshahr district magistrate, B Chandrakala.

The incident took place when Chandrakala was speaking at an event about local public issues in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.

Reportedly, Ahmad, who hails from a nearby village, had come to the district magistrate's office for some official work. At the DM's office, though, he was caught up with the fancy of snapping the perfect shot with Chandrakala, who was in news a few years ago for publicly pulling up civic officials and contractors for sub-standard road construction.

“The boy was continuously clicking pictures. And he was told that this should not happen without permission. It’s your camera but whatever object you are trying to capture, do you have their consent? This is shocking,” Chandrakala said.

But clarifying the matter, the IAS officer said that the issue was not about the photographs, but the ruckus Ahmad created when he was escorted out of the office and was asked to delete them. She also added that Ahmad should have behaved more courteously, considering that she is a woman.

"A woman has her own dignity, which should be respected by one and all," she told TOI. "One needs to behave responsibly and must in no way hamper freedom of work for women. In general, I am concerned about today's youth because they tend to become irresponsible at times. They have a great responsibility towards the nation," she added.

Ahmad was put in a judicial custody for 14 days, but was released on bail by his family in three.

"He made a mistake, which was certainly punishable. But we are thankful to the DM, who not only listened to us but also agreed to forgive him. We have assured her that he will not repeat such behaviour in future," Ahmad's uncle told TOI.

The selfie obsession in India has often taken dangerous turns. According to a report in The Washington Post, the most number of 'selfie deaths' in the world occurred in India in 2015. Of at least 27 selfie-related deaths around the world last year, about half occurred in India.

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