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This Hindi Sex Education Video Is A Must-Watch For Parents And Teachers

The primary reason why sex education is regarded as some sort of a taboo in India is because adults literally have no idea how to talk to children and young adults about sexuality, sex and human bodies. In a country shrouded by one myth and prejudice too many about sex, it is perhaps convenient to assume that young adults will figure out issues of sex and sexuality by themselves, like they figure out ways to deal with pimples - from peers. It's another thing that such knowledge is neither accurate and often dangerous if put into practice by curious pre-teens and teens.

Even on the internet, rarely do we see sex education tutorials which involve young adults. You are most likely to come across videos with texts and illustrations trying to dispense knowledge about sex. However, 'Main Aur Meri Body', created by Agents Of Ishq is a video that is takes a giant leap forward towards making sex education and conversations about sex and sexuality both intelligent and less awkward - we are looking at you nervous parents.

The video has pre-pubescent youngsters and teens who actually talk about sex, sexuality, reproduction and what determines the gender of the child. Shot in a fun, lighthearted way with colourful illustrations, the video provides a perfect template for introducing kids to ideas of sexuality. Apart from the conventionally discussed issues about sexuality, the video also includes the idea of intersex as one which is a valid gender identity as opposed to just the man-woman binary children are traditionally taught about.

Apart from biology book lessons, the video ventures into territories that neither parents nor text books get into. For example, how many young boys actually get to know while growing up what a wet dream is or why they have ejaculations during sleep? Not many. This video gets young boys to explain what wet dreams actually are.

It also explains why girls menstruate and that breasts necessarily aren't of same size and shapes.

The video concludes with explaining attraction to same or opposite sexes.

The most interesting aspect of the video is that the makers have engaged with children themselves while creating the video. One can imagine that the young adults starring the video interacted with the crew members and were introduced to the ideas of sexuality, which in turn they helped communicating to people their age through the video. The fact that the video exists says that it is perfectly possible to have a healthy, non-awkward conversation about sexuality with young adults, like the crew members possibly had while making the video.

Cue for parents to follow suit.

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