04/02/2016 1:29 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

India's Lightest Gun 'Nidar' Launched At Rs Rs 37,400

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Dubbed as India's lightest gun, the Rifle Factory in West Bengal's Ishapore has launched a firearm that promises protection to millions of men and women working under unsafe conditions. Built indigenously at less than half the cost of Nirbheek, a .32 caliber revolver launched after the Nirbhaya gang rape case, there are now as many as 100 pending orders for the .22 caliber gun named Nidar.

Nidar weighs just 250 grams and can clock 8 shots. It costs Rs 37,400, excluding taxes. Nirbheek, developed by the same arms manufacturers costs Rs 1, 22,513. Anyone with a valid arms license can buy it on the official website of the Rifle Factory of Ishapore.

The makers of Nidar developed a new alloy of aluminum named ‘DTD5124’. Since this has negligible weight but supreme metal strength, the revolver is easy to fire. Capable of firing eight rounds loaded in a revolving chamber, it has accuracy up to seven meters and a barrel length of 40.33 mm. According to senior officials at Rifle Factory Ishapore, since the weapon has eight rounds, it can overcome range issues as firing more than one shot at the assailant from a close range can be pretty fatal.

Officer in-charge at Rifle Factory Ishapore, P K Aggarwal, said, "We have already dispatched five units of 'Nidar' and have received over 100 orders and queries for the purchase of it from people across various strata, especially office-goers and women." He added, "This is a very exciting start for our product. We expect to sell at least 10,000 units of the revolver by the end of the year."

Nidar manufacturers expect good sales, especially in Uttar Pradesh. Over 11.22 lakh people in Uttar Pradesh have arms license which is four times the number of fire arms Uttar Pradesh police possesses.

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