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This Woman Has Found The Tinder Match Who Stood Her Up. There Will Be Blood

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Young African woman shouting angrily.

Online dating in India has been around for over a decade now. From chatting for hours on Yahoo Messenger to posting Scraps on your crush's profile having a Kung Fu Panda display picture, we have come a long way. With Tinder, things are easier, and from making match to the first date, things can move pretty quick. But not necessarily smooth.

Tinder dating has its ups and downs. Some sweet and some bitter. And the worst? Your match not showing up on your date! A Twitter user (@livetimefe) shared her rant on the same. We would say somewhere out there, a dude is in deep trouble.

Here's her story.

And here goes her rant.

Date's fixed!

A little changes in timings are okay, no?

Okay, a little worried now.

Making someone wait on the first date? Umm, big NO!

Okay this is weird.

Lacking basic etiquette.

Time to find that ditcher!


He's a goner!

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