01/02/2016 6:35 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 7:51 PM IST

5 Things that make you a cool organization to work for


Hiring is never an easy process for any organization. Scouting for the right talent who fits the job profile, looks committed, is self- driven and all in all will be an asset to the organization is never an easy task. What's even more difficult is retaining these live wires. Here are five things that you can do that will help you retain and attract new talent-

Rewarding your employees for their efforts is of utmost importance. Good pay scales, appraisals, bonuses all work brilliantly for employees, but every organization does that, so what's different about you? Sometimes, reward should be beyond the monetary benefits. Tell your employees you care for them. Support your employees in a manner that they are able to fulfil their requirements. Give flexible work hours to help them perfect the art of work- life- balance. Provide newer opportunities to them so that they are always engaged. Assist them in their professional growth, create a healthy work environment for them keep that buzz alive in them.

As the old saying says, do what you love and you'll love what you are doing. Every routine can leave these powerhouse packs bored very soon. It's very important you keep them engaged. Encourage them to do the daily work more creatively, make it fun by giving them a free hand to do what they'd like differently. Coach them along the way. You'll be surprised how they will add to the company's overall growth.

Everybody has something that is their passion and if they are unable to follow their passion it could really impact their productivity. Identify their passion and encourage them to find the time to pursue what interests them. Be writing, playing guitar, singing, riding, cooking- whatever be their interest, give it wings.

Every one of us is a child at heart and we too can do with some time off work in office. Let your employees have a playtime. Create recreational areas for them in your office. Channelize their limitless energy into something that will help them focus better. Keep some games handy- Chess, Table Tennis, Pictionary to name a few. Identify games and allocate specific gaming zones in the office. Who knows what two great minds when engaging over fun are capable of coming up with.

  1. It's not always about money
  2. Let the creativity flow
  3. Give way to passion
  4. Do you have playtime?
  5. Food for performance

Yes! You've read it right. A hungry tummy is never good- Yummy food on the go is your answer. While investing in your employees keep in mind that you are keeping them fed, with healthy yet delicious bites. Like they say, a lot can happen over coffee, just add some more to coffee and see the magic unfold.

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