31/01/2016 5:11 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Police Stops 97-Year-Old Freedom Fighter From Setting Liquor Shop On Fire In Agra

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SIKKIM, INDIA - MARCH 10: Bottling of Beer bottles at Yuksom Breweries Ltd. located at Melli Bazar on March 10, 2015 in South Sikkim, India. (Photo by Indranil Bhoumik/Mint via Getty Images)

AGRA -- A 97-year-old freedom fighter, who has been campaigning against alcohol addiction, tried to set fire to a liquor shop here but was prevented from doing so by the police.

According to the police, Chimman Lal Jain had announced that he would begin torching liquor outlets from January 30, the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, as part of his campaign.

Earlier, he had attempted to jump into the Yamuna on October 2, the birth anniversary of the Mahatma, over his demands, but was foiled by the police.

Yesterday, as Jain marched towards a liquor shop in Dhuliaganj, a police team stopped him and took him back to his home at Pathwari, where he was kept confined till late in the night.

Today, he led a march of volunteers from St Peter's College to MG Road and back with placards and banners calling for an immediate ban on liquor sale in Uttar Pradesh.

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