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Waheeda Rehman Honoured With Special Award At Yashwant Film Festival

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JAIPUR, INDIA - JANUARY 22: Veteran bollywood actress Waheeda Rehman got emotional as she remembered actor Dev Anand during session on Mujhe Jeene Do at the Jaipur Literature festival at Diggi Palace on January 22, 2015 in Jaipur, India. One of the largest literary festivals on earth, the Jaipur Literature Festival brings together some of the greatest thinkers and writers from across South Asia and the world. (Photo by Mohd Zakir/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

MUMBAI -- Veteran actress Waheeda Rehman was honoured with a special award for her contribution to the film industry as curtains came down on Yashwant International Film Festival here today.

The "6th Yashwant International Film Festival-2016," is a joint venture of Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan and Pune Film Foundation.

"This award will always be special as I was blessed with two opportunities to meet Chavan sir (Yashwantrao Chavan who was the first chief minister of Maharashtra) in Mumbai and Delhi. And when I am presented with an award in this film festival named after him, I really feel honoured that my work in the last 50 years is recognised and being appreciated till today," Rehman said.

The festival was organised from January 22 to 28 and around 60-65 movies were screened.

While 22 films were showcased in the category of Global Cinema, 14 in Kaleidoscope, six in Latin America, six in Country Focus, five in Retrospective, besides five Marathi movies and seven films of Hector Beveko.

Presenting the award, NCP MP Supriya Sule said that Rehman always portrayed the role of a dignified lady in her career.

"Our generation has grown up listening to Waheedaji's songs. She has always portrayed the role of a dignified woman in her movies who fearlessly faces all the problems in life.

In this way, she symbolises every Indian woman who is resilient and tough. The roles played by Waheedaji are always inspiring and exhilarating," she added.

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