29/01/2016 2:41 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Facebook Rolls Out Live Video Streaming In The App

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Facebook has said they will now allow live video streaming for US users on the app, according to their product blog. In December, they had started testing the functionality of letting users live stream straight from the Facebook app.

The news comes soon after the social media giant announced the rolling out of 'reactions', emojis in addition to the 'like' feature. Facebook reactions will add to the user experience of 'liking' the post. They will roll out the reactions like sad, angry, love, haha to have more interactions with the posts other than likes. Facebook executives said this feature was needed after events like Nepal Earthquake and Paris attacks.

“People can use the update status button and click ‘Live Video’ from the menu bar and start streaming the things going on around them. They can add a short description of what they are streaming like their dogs playing or a recipe.”

Users can see who is tuning into the video and the count of viewers watching too. Once the broadcast is over the video is saved to their Timelines and they can either keep it for later or delete it.

It is notable that live streaming started getting popular when the app Meerkat was launched during February 2015 and it went viral at South By South West(SWSX) festival. Later another live streaming app Periscope was bought by Twitter in January 2015 and was integrated with the social network.

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