29/01/2016 2:52 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

If You Are From An Armed Forces Background, You'll Totally Dig This Monologue About Being An 'Army Brat'

They say you can take a man out of the army, but you can never take the army out of a man.

In a powerful monologue on the YouTube channel Rascalas, RJ Shyam Renganathan, who comes from an army background, sardonically defines the term 'Army Brat' as someone who was 'Born, Raised And Transferred'.

Accompanied by a cacophony of firing guns and battle action in the background, Renganathan busts some popular beliefs about the army -- that there's no more to a soldier than his gun, an army child won't get annoyed when his father's rank is not pronounced correctly, and that families of army personnel lead a life of material comfort.

Renganathan's words will ring true for anyone who has shifted multiple schools as a child, been transferred to remote locations, attended retro parties, and has mentally prepared for bad news all their lives.

He concludes the monologue with a beautiful tribute to his father, an army man.

"I want to take a moment and salute you dad,

you and your army brigade.

The people we sadly remember only during war or a parade.

You are out there, putting your lives at stake for our sake.

We sleep peacefully, cuz you are awake."

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