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Rare Photo Of Mahatma Gandhi At A Cricket Club In Durban


A picture published in Gandhi - An Illustrated Biography by Pramod Kapoor, Publisher of Roli Books, shows Mahatma Gandhi seated in the 2nd row, fifth from left, with Greyville Cricket Club, Durban. Not many know of Gandhi's fondness for the game of cricket. Kapoor, author of the 319-page biography, also included snippets of Gandhi's life, his letters to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Nazi Dictator Adolf Hitler and several rare photographs.

The book talks about Gandhi's love for cricket. The author said historian Ramchandra Guha researched this aspect of Gandhi's life and wrote an article for the Hindu in which he quoted a Gujarati journalist sharing that one of Gandhi's schoolmates remembered him as a 'dashing cricketer' and an all-rounder, with an uncanny understanding of the game's uncertainties.

During a match played between Rajkot city and Rajkot cantonment, Gandhi had a strong intuition that a certain player would be out, and that is what exactly happened.

Here's the photograph.

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