Money doesn't grow on trees, but there are smart ways to sow!

Indians, by nature, are a superstitious lot. When it comes to money, they'd love to make a fast buck. No wonder, many live under the illusion that money grows on trees. View this Money Plant video and you'll know why:

Like this, there are many other myths surrounding money, such as, investments can be risky. It's indeed a popular misconception that stock markets are a gambling lair, where risks abound at every turn, waiting to pounce on your slightest wrong move and bring about your downfall. Another one, on the contrary, pins you down to your comfort zone making you believe that you are earning more than sufficient. Like rumours, they get told and retold until they assume a ring of truth about them.

One couldn't be more wrong than that! Like blood, money is meant to circulate. The bottom line of investment is to make your money work for you and not the other way round. Among the myriad investment options available in the market, Mutual Funds and Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), are smart and safe choices. Investing your money also keeps pesky relatives and friends at bay, who would, like in the video, think you're shaking trees for a living!

Getting it right with Mutual Funds!

A mutual fund is a safe bet as your money is managed by experts, who have your best interests at heart. You could reap rich dividends even with small amounts. Just as you order a meal "thali" at a restaurant and savour a variety of recipes in one affordable package, so too, mutual funds are invested in a wide array of stocks and securities, by skilled and experienced professionals. With the aid of research teams, they analyze the performance and prospects of companies of different sizes and invest in them to maximize returns with minimum risk.

Bang on with Systematic Investment Planning!

If you are a conservative investor, you could go in for SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans), which allow disciplined investments (recommended in small amounts) at regular intervals to yield high returns over a longer period of time. Rather than investing a lump sum amount, unaffordable for many, SIPs help you build wealth gradually, without feeling any pinch. An SIP also averages and compounds your investment, making it a smart investment choice.

Tips to make money through mutual fund investing

  • Keep expenses low. The first thing to bear in mind when investing in mutual funds is to keep expenses low by investing in low-cost index funds. Saving even1% over an investing lifetime can lead to enormous wealth.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to compound your wealth. The longer you money stays invested, the more time you have to capitalize on the power of compound interest.
  • Don't invest in anything you don't understand. As Warren Buffett has often remarked, "the first rule of making money, is to never lose money. The second rule is, see rule No.1 again." You should know exactly what each of your mutual funds own and why you are invested in it.

So, invest smartly, invest safely in Mutual Funds and SIPs. You'll be investing with the big boys of the stock market without the attendant risks! For all your mutual fund investment needs, turn to Birla SunLife Mutual Fund - your mutual friend for mutual funds! #JanoTohMano