21/01/2016 7:46 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Poonam Pandey Files Rs 100 Cr Defamation Case Against Website For Falsely Claiming She Had An Abortion


Poonam Pandey has unleashed her fury at a website for falsely reporting that she had undergone an abortion by filing a Rs 100-crore defamation case.

On January 19th, the website reported that Pandey was admitted to Mumbai's Hinduja Hospital for an abortion, according to their sources. Pandey, on hearing the news, took to Twitter to announce that this was a fake story, and that she would be taking legal action against the website.

The model-turned actress who claimed that she was deeply hurt in an Times of India interview, also said that she had filed the case against the media house, so they would think “100 times” before writing irresponsible stories without any evidence. "I was busy shooting when I got to know about this story. I was disturbed and immediately called my manager to find out the truth. I also called the reporter and asked her very politely that what made her write such a report or whether she had any evidence. To my surprise she told me that there is no proof, but got to know about it from somewhere. I am really surprised by this kind of journalism and it hurts me to see people being so irresponsible," she was quoted as saying.

Pandey revealed that her parents who have never questioned the Nasha actress on her Twitter pictures and videos were forced to ask her if the rumours were true. “Tweeting semi-nude pictures is done for entertainment, but that doesn't mean anyone can cross the line. I have, in my whole life, never posted nude pictures. So, when I know my limits, I will not allow anyone to write rubbish stories about me," she concluded.

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