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Hyderabad University Should Expel Protesters Not Interested In Attending Classes, Says Swamy

Leftist student activists tussle with police prior to getting arrested during a protest rally in Kolkata following the suicide of Rohit Vemula, a doctarate student at the Hyderabad Central University, on January 20, 2016. Rohit, a second-year PhD student of Life Sciences was found hanging in his hostel room after he was suspended from the college due to a political dispute. AFP PHOTO/DIBYANGSHU SARKAR / AFP / DIBYANGSHU SARKAR (Photo credit should read DIBYANGSHU SARKAR/AFP/Getty Images)

NEW DELHI -- Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Thursday said the University of Hyderabad should take a tough stand against the student groups protesting over the suicide of a Dalit scholar as they are not adhering the democratic principles.

Swamy said all those not interested in attending the classes should be expelled.

"University is a place to read and write. In your spare time, you can have protests here and there. But if you are not interested in life of learning then better go somewhere else," Swamy told ANI.

"In the case of the unfortunate boy who committed suicide, he was not barred from attending classes or going to the library. They only said you can't stay in the hostel. That was because he participated in violent activities and suspension doesn't mean expulsion. It means we are conducting an enquiry to see whether you are guilty or not," he added.

The BJP leader also called for tough stand against those groups not abiding by the democratic principles.

"In my opinion, some of these group leaderships should be investigated to see who are the anti-Indian forces, which are trying to shape these people. I think, the university should take a tough stand on this," he said.

Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani in a clear reference to political rivals yesterday said that 'malicious attempts are being made to make the incident a 'Dalit v/s non-Dalit' issue to ignite passions'.

Irani evaded a query whether she agreed with Cabinet colleague Bandaru Dattatreya's view calling Ambedkar Students' Association 'anti-national'.

More than 10 SC/ST teachers of the University yesterday resigned from their 'administrative roles' protesting against Irani' remarks in Delhi that Dalit faculty members were also part of the University's probe that eventually led to the expulsion of research scholar Rohith Vemula and four others.

The teachers alleged that baseless and misleading statements by Irani were bringing down the morale of the Dalits holding administrative positions in the university.

Meanwhile, politicians from various parties continued to mount pressure on the Centre demanding action against Irani and her Cabinet colleague Bandaru Dattatreya, charged with abetting Vemula's suicide.

The Opposition has also been demanding the resignation of Hyderabad University Vice Chancellor Appa Rao.

Appa Rao, is presently in the eye of the storm, post the Dalit scholar's suicide. According to certain media reports, Rao outsmarted more than 35 candidates to become the University's Vice-Chancellor in September 2015 because of his alleged political connections and lobbying skills.

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