20/01/2016 6:34 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

This Guy Live Tweeted A Hilarious Flirtation-Turned-Business Deal He Overheard On A Train Ride

A WDM 3A Diesel Loco pulling an express train towards Bangalore Junction. Caught this pic at a wayside station named Byadarahalli on the Bangalore - Mysore route whn our train (6222 Chennai - Mysore Cauvery Express) was stopped for crossing.

You might have heard of elevator pitches where start-up founders pitch their ideas to busy investors in an elevator. Now we have a hilarious commentary on how flirting turned into a business deal during a train ride. Bengaluru-based Twitter user Raj apparently encountered two people ending up finalising a business deal, though the interaction started off with casual flirting.

According to him, it all started off with a Marwari co-passenger on a Chennai-bound train trying to break the ice with a girl with his business knowledge.

Soon after, the man is setting up a deal.

They then begin talking about how their careers took off.

Turns out that the girl is building a startup too which helps lists sellers and the boy is the first seller she has met.

Probably seeing a business deal in the horizon, the boy decides against getting off at his designated station and extends his travel.

Soon, the boy makes an offer to the girl.

And then there was a deal!

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