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How A Bihar MLA Helped Her Husband Escape From Police Custody


A Janata Dal (United) MLA in Purnia district of Bihar allegedly helped her husband escape from police custody after he was arrested on Sunday for threatening a witness in a murder case.

According to the Times of India, Bima Bharti helped her husband Awadhesh Mandal escape from the Maranga Police Station on Monday night and a manhunt is on at the moment. Allegedly, Purnia MP Santosh Kushwaha is also involved in the matter, the report stated.

Mandal was arrested by the Purnia police on Sunday after he allegedly threatened three witnesses with dire consequences in connection with a murder that had taken place a decade ago. He is accused in more than 100 cases of murder, extortion and loot. He is also booked under the Arms Act in Purnia and neighbouring districts, reported ANI.

According to reports, Mandal was arrested when the residents of Paswan Tola in Purnia attacked him.

Armed with over 150 supporters, Bharti and Kushwaha arrived at the police station. While Kushwaha was assisting Mandal with the paperwork, Bharti stayed in her SUV, armed with two armed guards.

Just as Mandal's handcuffs were released for him to sign the paperwork, he made run for the SUV, which zoomed out of the station in no time.

TOI reported that several police teams chased Bharti's SUV but failed to intercept it. They also put their mobile phones on surveillance but learnt that the MLA and her guards were changing locations constantly. Police raided several places throughout the night, but in vain.

The police told TOI that the a fresh FIR has been lodged against Mandal and probe has been initiated into the matter. A police officer has also been suspended.

In 2014, Bharti had been in news when she couldn’t read her oath properly during swearing-in ceremony. Several reports had also made harsh remarks about her educational qualification.

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