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'Bikernis' Around The Country Celebrate As India's All-Women Bikers Association Turns 5

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As India's first all-women motorcycle association turns five, it sets for itself miles of hostile terrain to cross before women bikers earn their place of honour in an industry still dominated by patriarchy.

"We are a group of complete individuals, and I mean individuals. Everyone of us has a different reason for being who we are. The only thing we agree on is our love for biking and our love for motorcycles (sic)," says the description.

The association, cheekily called The Bikerni, has members from across the country who are celebrating their empowerment and commemorating the companionship with their fellow women bikers whose age ranges from 18 to 50 years.

Excited about the group's fifth's anniversary, The Bikerni founder Urvashi Patole told HuffPost India that they intended to take bigger trips and expand the community.

"We are planning a new trip in India, which will take us along all the borders of our country," Patole said.

Cake from Core Team Pune

Posted by The Bikerni on Sunday, 17 January 2016

Bikerni Bengaluru During their Investiture ceremony with the core members

Posted by The Bikerni on Sunday, 17 January 2016

In fact, in 2013, The Bikerni group had earned themselves a place in the Limca Book of World Records for holding the largest all-women motorcycle expedition to Khardung-La -- the highest motorable road in the world -- from Delhi to Nubra Valley.

What started as a group of 11 female bikers, now, five years later, it has gathered over 700 members spread across the country including cities such as Pune, Mangalore, Guwahati and Kutch -- along with all the major cities across the country.

But now they have bigger plans.

“We intend to set more exciting records -- those that will have international certification. Besides, efforts are on to connect those who are spread in the remotest corners of the country,” Shabnam Akram, an active member told The Hindu.

Besides world records and dangerous routes, The Bikerni community faces several other speed bumps such as the disdain and ridicule for women bikers in the society. In an earlier interview to The Indian Express, Patole had said, "Men, even our motorcycling brothers feel that a woman's place is in the kitchen."

But The Bikerni(s) are trying to break stereotypes, one speed bump at a time.

Night Ride by Bikerni Bengaluru to celebrate Bikerni turning 5 !!!

Posted by The Bikerni on Sunday, 17 January 2016

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