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Raveena Tandon Is Being Trolled For This Candid Video Of Her Using Abusive Language

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We've gotta hand it to Raveena Tandon. Despite not having had a starring role in Hindi movies for nearly five years, she hasn't stopped entertaining us — at least with her antics on Twitter.

On Thursday night, Twitter user @GnomeBaba shared a clip that showed the actress talking angrily about how this whole 'freedom of the press' business had gone too far — in somewhat colourful language.

The clip started going viral and elicited many gleeful reactions, especially from those who have had problems with Tandon's political views in recent times.

Miss Malini deemed it Tandon's 'Maushi Chi G**d' moment.

However, Tandon claims the incident depicted in the video occurred around five or six years ago and features her in character from her 2012 movie Shobhna's Seven Nights, in which she played a bitchy, powerful gossip columnist.

According to Tandon, it was a shoot for the film to which the media had been invited and this performance was not supposed to be filmed. "This was an adult film and my character was doing a number of inappropriate things like smoking, drinking, and using abusive language," she told HuffPost India, in a phone conversation. "That red dress I'm wearing is part of a song that was in the film."

In a longer version of the clip shared by @GnomeBaba (watch from 2:46), Tandon can be seen objecting to cameramen and photographers, for fear of the clip being misconstrued.

Tandon says she has no qualms about how she reacted. "I was upset about the press being invited to the shoot [of the song] because I knew it would be taken out of context, and that's why I gave the example of the fashion police," she said. "And then, I saw that even though I'd asked for all cameras to be turned off, there was one guy who continued to film me. I think this is extremely unethical... on a lower level, it's like sharing a private MMS clip."

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