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Politicians Promote Rape Culture In UP, Says Ranjana Kumari

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DELHI, INDIA - 2005/05/18: Ranjana Kumari (left), director of the Centre for Social Research (CSR), a main Indian organization for women rights protection, is talking with two women victims of dowry related violence. The tradition of the dowry in India, although illegal since 1961, is still widely followed within all social classes. That tradition, originally created to guarantee to the future bride that she has her own resources, is today rather considered as a 'buying ticket'. Every year, at least 7,000 young women - twice that number according to human rights organizations - are killed in horrible circumstances by their in-laws for refusing or being unable to pay an extra amount to the dowry.. (Photo by Thierry Falise/LightRocket via Getty Images)

NEW DELHI -- Women rights activist Ranjana Kumari on Thursday condemned the Muzaffarnagar rape case and lashed out at the Akhilesh Yadav-led Samajwadi Party Government for the deteriorating law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh.

"It shows there is no proper administration in Uttar Pradesh. The politicians make a kind of rape culture there. The culture there is deteriorating. So, the people there must take a stand against such criminals," Kumari told ANI.

"These kinds of incidents are increasing in which after raping, video clips are being made and circulated. They have become so much courageous to do this. It happens only when the criminal feels there cannot be any action against him," she added.

Echoing similar sentiments, Congress leader Shobha Oza said such criminals should not be spared and death sentence should be given to them.

"It is so horrifying and so sickening that perverted people rape women, shoot it and then make it viral and force the woman to commit suicide," she added.

A 40-year-old mother of three allegedly committed suicide on Wednesday in Muzaffarnagar after a video clip of her gang-rape was circulated on WhatsApp.

"Woman had relationship with a man, who made a clip of her which went viral, the woman then committed suicide. The accused has been arrested and he has accepted his crime. We will send him to jail," said Muzaffarnagar Superintendent of Police Pradeep Gupta.

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