12/01/2016 11:40 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Woman Caught On Camera Brutally Assaulting 70-Year-Old Mother-In-Law; Arrested

Screenshot of CCTV footage

In a disturbing CCTV footage from a home in Uttar Pradesh, an elderly woman is seen cowering in her bed as she is slapped, kicked, beaten with a brick and strangled with a rope, allegedly by her daughter-in-law.

Sangeeta Jain, who assaulted 70-year-old Rajrani Jain, was arrested this morning and booked under IPC Section 307 -- attempt to murder -- after the CCTV footage of the incident went viral on social media.

Watch the video here:

The video, captured on 5 January, was uploaded by social activist Kundan Srivastava on his Facebook page, in which he has appealed chief minister Akhilesh Yadav to take action against the 'cruel woman' who had allegedly filed dowry harassment and marital rape cases against Sandeep and his family.

Srivastava, in his Facebook page, says that he had advised Sangeeta's husband Sandip Kumar Jain to install CCTV cameras in the house as he wanted to catch her red-handed.

"This has been happening for quite some time now. She used to assault and abuse my parents very often. I complained about her but no one used to listen to me. Then after waiting for two years, I installed a CCTV camera expecting that she will fix her ways, but she didn't. That day she crossed all the limits. I installed the camera to unmask her since the law is on the woman's side when these types of cases are concerned," Sandip told ANI.

Senior police officer Daljit Chowdhury said, "It is very sad that she behaved like that. We have the footage. We will definitely take action. A case has been registered."

Saying that this is the first time he is fighting against a woman for a woman, Srivastava, in his FB post has appealed for help.

"Strong laws were created for women but some women are misusing the laws. I would urge the Government of India to action against such women. I promise will help you into this cruelty and I also believe Crime has no Gender," he writes.

This is his FB post:

Sangeeta Jain has tried several time to kill her 70 years mother-in-law. You can see the video that I'm revealing today....

Posted by Kundan Srivastava on Monday, 11 January 2016

Meanwhile, the attacked mother-in-law said that she doesn't even know why Sangeeta behaved that way. "That day she came from kitchen and started slapping me. She almost strangled me to death. She even hit my head with brick. I don't know why she did this. I never interfered in anything happening in the family," she told reporters.

However, Sangeeta has denied beating up her mother-in-law. She said that the family has made a 'fake video' to ruin her life.

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