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Pathankot Attack: Terror Groups Should Be Put Through Pain They Inflict On Others, Says Parrikar

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PATHANKOT, INDIA - JANUARY 5: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar addressing the media after a visit to the Pathankot Air Base that was under siege from Saturday morning on January 5, 2016 in Pathankot, India. Defence Minister said the terrorists were neutralised in an operation that was over in 38 hours but combing operations are still on and may continue for a day or two. (Photo by Sameer Sehgal/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

NEW DELHI -- Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Monday reiterated that incidents such as the Pathankot terror attack would continue to take place till the time the terror groups and attackers are not made to feel the pain which they inflict on others.

"What I am saying is that history tells you that those who damage you, if they don't realise the pain they inflict, they don't change," he said.

The Defence Minister, however, dodged the question on whether he thinks Pakistan would act upon the leads provided to them in wake of the Pathankot terror attack.

Parrikar also asked the media not to read between the lines of his speech at the 66th Army Day celebrations here, in which he said, "This is my opinion and not of the state... Anyone who harms you, he understands the same language. How, when and place should be of your choice, but if someone is harming this country I think that particular individual or organisation, should also receive the pain of such activity. Unless such pain is transmitted, he will enjoy giving pain to us."

Parrikar earlier said that he was deeply pained when a soldier lost his life.

"We are proud of (our) seven soldiers. But I get pained when my soldiers die. I don't appreciate it. When our soldiers die, I always tell them that you think of the concept of taking the life of your enemy or enemy of the country instead of giving your life. Sacrifice is always respected, beyond doubt. But nation needs you to neutralise the enemy and that is what should be the target," he added.

The Defence Minister also lauded the armed forces role in the recent Chennai Floods, calling it 'par excellence'.

"With all difficulties, they (armed forces) reached there (Chennai). I know because I was monitoring it from Zero Hour. It was a fantastic performance done against all odds but didn't get focused to the level it should have," he added.

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