06/01/2016 11:33 AM IST | Updated 29/08/2016 9:40 PM IST

This Woman Is Looking For A 'Single Bride' For Her Brother On A Facebook Group For Home Listings


First, there were those matrimonial advertisements in newspapers, where prospectives grooms and brides along with their families would look for a suitable match. Then, there came matrimonial websites. And now it seems Facebook groups where people usually look for flatmates have become the ground to look for suitable brides. At least, that's what a woman has been doing.

The lady in question posted a message on the Facebook group announcing to the members that she's looking for a bride for her brother.

Her expectations are not too much in trying to seek a wife for her brother--she needs to fulfill one criteria--she ONLY needs to be a 'single bride'.

This is the message she posted on Monday--

"Hello I am searching a bride for my brother for marriage, we are Hindus, brother is well settled, and seek a simple bride for marriage--any single brides can contact us--thanks."


Not surprisingly, she got trolled. People posted links to various matrimonial sites in the comments section, hoping to move her in the right direction. Some tried to reason why she posted in the 'Flats and Flatmates' group--"Maybe she's looking for a permanent roommate for her brother," read one of the comments. But, most were amused and tried to understand what 'single bride' really meant.

The lady's Facebook post was taken down after a while. However, she posted it again within a few hours, in the same group. This time though, she was only looking for brides, not 'single brides'.

It is then that a lot of the members of the group observed that it may be a fake profile created by a spammer.

Though both the posts have been taken down now, it definitely gave a good laugh to the members of that group.

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