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The Morning Wrap: Earthquake Jolts North East India; Army Asks Its Personnel Not To Watch Porn On Social Media

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A stormy Winter Session of Parliament concluded on 23 December. While it saw the passage of several vital legislations, we unfortunately witnessed five trends that plagued the Parliament's functioning. These trends strike at the heart of a deliberative democracy and its legislative machinery, warranting a close look and some thought.

There's a life-and-death struggle on the railroad tracks in Kolkata which has largely gone unnoticed in India and the world. The visual truth speaks volumes for this argument; and there are far worse fates than being symbolically cut-off from the monochromatic scheme of politicians inflicted with an infantile obsession for painting the town blue.

The Delhi government’s much talked about odd-even scheme kicked off on Friday amidst much apprehension about its plausibility. Here's a look at what Delhiites had to say on the day the odd-even plan was rolled out.

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Main News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday night reviewed the situation arising out of the terror attack at Pathankot air force base and is believed to have discussed with top officials its ramifications on ties with Pakistan.

Days after demitting office, former Supreme Court Judge Vikramjit Sen said it is time to do away with Section 377 of the IPC, which makes gay sex, irrespective of age and consent, an offence punishable with a sentence up to life term.

A strong earthquake measuring 6.7 on Richter scale was felt all across Jharkhand and beyond between around 4.37am and 4.38am today, causing many to wake up with a jolt despite cold. The extent of damage after the tremor is yet to be known.

The Indian consulate in Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif was attacked on Sunday night by unidentified gunmen when they tried to storm the building. An Indian official said all consulate personnel are safe, as explosions and gunfire rang out at the compound.

Foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir has announced that Saudi Arabia was severing diplomatic ties with Iran after demonstrators stormed its Tehran embassy to protest against Riyadh's execution of a Shia cleric.

Off The Front Page

Don't watch porn on Facebook or any other social networking site and don't accept friend requests from unknown people. This may sound like an advisory to an underage user of social networking sites but is in fact part of a 10-point detailed list of digital do's and don'ts that the Army has issued to their personnel and their family members.

A baby girl and her brother are born 3 minutes apart at a San Diego hospital — just before and after the New Year, making their birth date a year apart.

Aam Aadmi Party MLA Alka Lamba might be in trouble with the party leadership after she was found to have photoshopped an image of herself holding aloft a placard that read ‘Dilli ka hai ghut ta dum, milkar karein pradushan kam (Delhi is suffocating, let’s join hands to reduce pollution)’, in a bid to support the government's 'odd-even scheme'.


The Pathankot attack is a big test for Modi government’s new Pakistan policy, according to an editorial in The Times of India: "India’s assessment of the level of Pakistan army and ISI’s involvement in the attack will determine its future moves."

Gaurav Dalmia writes on what the beef ban and Delhi’s odd-even car rule have in common: "It does not address the environmental issues that it proposes to. Instead, it trespasses on individual freedom."

Reunification of a divided India is the unfinished civilisational task of the RSS, writes Ashutosh in The Indian Express: "For the RSS, anyone who lives between the Indus and the sea is Hindu. In its opinion, we have all been living here as a civilisation for centuries and share a common way of life. Those who converted to Islam or Christianity have not come from outside but have been living here from Vedic times."

Questions are being raised over India’s response to the attack on the air base in Pathankot and many of them are valid, writes Harinder Baweja in Hindustan Times: "Despite the high alerts, the terrorists managed to engage the security establishment comprising the air force, army and NSG for around 48 hours. Home minister Rajnath Singh first tweeting that all five terrorists were killed and subsequently deleting it is evidence of just how botched up the response was."

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