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Here Are 7 Videos From Indian Comedians In 2015 You May Have Missed


Comedy in India has come a long way from cheesy slapsticks with canned laugh tracks on Sunday television to web videos that speak exclusively to a younger, edgier and wired audience.

India's new breed of comics are not afraid to tackle any topic -- from Bollywood clichés and melodramatic soaps to social issues and controversies. The year 2015 has been quite a ride for comedians who have been walking that thin line between explosive virals that entertain and educate and potentially-offensive content that might stir up trouble with India's conservative guardians of the visual media.

These seven stood out. Watch.

1. Net Neutrality

The All India Bakchod broke down the complex concept of net neutrality in India, making a strong case for internet freedom.

2. Comedy For Kids

Five comedians -- Abhishek Upmanyu, Abish Mathew, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill and Zakir Khan -- try to make kids laugh.

3. Smoking Is Injurious To Health

A hilarious take on smoking and its side-effects by the The Viral Fever team.

4. The Sari Tutorial

When it comes to the sari, no one's an expert. This hilarious video by Rickshawali shows how lost (yet adorable) foreigners look when they're asked to wear a sari by themselves.

5. All Families Are Dysfunctional And Divorce Is Common

The hilarious and socially relevant channel manages to turn even a serious subject such as divorce into a hilarious take on what it really is about -- incompatibility between two individuals.

6. When Indian Parents Try To Talk About Periods

A hilarious take by Superwoman on "the talk" given by typical Indian parents.

7. 'Oh My God! My Phone Knows What I'm Thinking!'

Once upon a time, our parents taught us how to walk, talk, write and behave. Now comedian Kunal Rao tells a story we all are familiar with about how now it is us, who have to teach our parents how to use gadgets to walk, talk, write and, sometimes, behave.

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