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How And What Indians Ordered In 2015 To Satisfy Their Tastebuds

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DESI_food : December, 19, 2007: Various indian food dishes prepared by Smita Chandra for her article. In this pic: Clockwise from centre left: Mapillah Biryani, Goan Paella, Dhauiya Kaju Korma, Chicken Tikka Masala. (Tory Zimmerman/Toronto Star) (Photo by Tory Zimmerman/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

It seems Indians love Chicken Biryani and Kolkata enjoys ordering online more than any other metropolitan cities. At least that's what Zomato's recent survey on consumer trends pertaining to the online food ordering market shows.

The survey, which included brands like Domino's, TGIF, Burger King and others on board, reveals several facts like how much money people in various cities spend on an average while ordering food, which payment method do they prefer, and what time they usually prefer to order food.

Take a look at how Indians ordered food this year.

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