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8 Indian Music Videos That We Couldn't Stop Watching In 2015

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'Tis the season for the jolly old Indipop. So without much ado let's take a look at what got you humming this year.

While Adele's single 'Hello' was a mad, mad hit that connected many on an emotional level, Internet star Poonam Pandey 'Jingle boobs' probably popped up on your social feeds too. Long live the Internet.

There have been some hits, some misses and some really hilarious stuff -- here are our top eight:

1. 'Dheere dheere se meri zindagi' by Yo Yo Honey Singh

(95,312,632 views on YouTube)

One of the most-watched and commercially successful tracks of 2015 by Yo Yo Honey Singh raised many hopes for Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor fans. Based on the theme of the 1990 hit film Aashiqui, the single featured Roshan and Kapoor together for the first time, highlighting their perfect chemistry. But sadly, according to media reports, Kapoor recently announced that the third sequel to Aashiqui was not on the cards and that she had not signed any such deal. There, there, you guys. We'll wait, hope and watch.

2. 'DJ waley babu' by Badshah, featuring Aastha Gill

(42,583,583 views on YouTube)

Taking the second spot on our most-watched list is by Punjabi rapper Badshah, featuring singer Aastha Gill. From the team that gave Bollywood hit music videos like 'Saturday Saturday' and 'Abhi toh party shuru hui hai', this song features both the artistes belting out beats in large trucks and around a snazzy Lamborghini. With its catchy and repetitive lyrics going 'DJ wale babu mera gaana chala do', the song was an instant success, especially with those drunk on festive merriment.

3. 'Na na na na' by J Star

(19,986,245 views on YouTube)

With mind boggling fashion and equally complex (not!) lyrics, the song 'Na na na na' had all the elements of a hit Punjabi number. Add to the mix a hot girl and a regular dude who ups his game, sporting well-cut suits, fedora hats, and gold alligators (yes, though we wish we were kidding). Sung and produced by popular Indian-origin London-based DJ and producer J Star, the song has earned more than 19 million views on YouTube.

4. 'Abhi abhi jo dil mein baat hai' by Shael Oswal

(12,729,889 views on YouTube)

Not feeling sleepy? Listen to this song that is fourth on our list. The video depicts musician and a businessman Shael Oswal, who fervently requests his partner to tell him exactly how she is feeling at the moment. With poignant tunes in the background we hear the girl professing her love and throwing emotional fits every now and then. So what made this song so popular this year? Perhaps its the soft, emotional strains and the non-cluttered video or perhaps the lyrics that try to decipher a woman's mind struck a chord with the Indian audiences.

5. 'Supergirl from China' by Kanika Kapoor, Mika Singh

(5,058,694 views on YouTube)

The song 'Supergirl from China' has one thing (to begin with) to make it a complete success - Sunny Leone. This song by Kanika Kapoor and Mika Singh sends shockwaves when a questionable group of nerds order the "perfect" woman online (from China). Their only requirement: "She has to have everything... big". And with five million hits in less than a month, big is what this video is, if nothing else.

6. 'Shantabai' by Sanjay Londe

(3,677,266 views on YouTube)

Taking its place at number six, you'll never find a Maharashtrian who doesn't have this song in their music collection. Based on crass lyrics and double entendre that makes veteran Marathi filmmaker and actor Dada Konde's songs seem like quirky lullabies, the song 'Shantabai' does not hesitate to describe someones interpretation of perfect woman - the aforementioned Shantabai - using the most vivid and vacuous language.

And last, but not the least, is

7. 'Chicken fried rice' by Baba Sehgal

(307,060 views on YouTube)

Two favourites - chicken fried rice and Baba Sehgal. The '90s Indian rapper, who faded into obscurity in the '00s, still makes his presence felt through his active Twitter handle this year. And with the song 'Chicken fried rice' he gave rap a whole new look with colourful lyrics, such as "OK, table par rakho plate/ Arrey, don't worry about your weight/ Life mein daalo spice, khaao chicken fried rice," which this reporter had decoded earlier for the eager audience.


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