30/12/2015 4:51 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

WATCH: A Beautiful Tribute To The People Who Helped Chennai Stay Afloat

After braving the worst rains in its history and remaining nearly drowned for days, Chennai is slowly finding its feet back.

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However, there was a silver lining to all this devastation. The people of Chennai, instead of succumbing to defeat, rallied together to aid those in trouble. Massive operations were organised in spite of the unavailability of electricity and phone signals. Many used social media to seek and extend help.

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As a tribute to these brave hearts, digital content creators Culture Machine, who manage several online channels like Being Indian, Put Chutney, Blush, Rascalas etc, put together a video featuring ten people from different walks of life united by their tireless efforts to provide relief.

Of the many featured, is actor/ co-founder of Evam Entertainment Karthik Kumar. Kumar converted his office into a centre to gather and distribute food and medical stock. Belgian national Peter Van Giet, who has made Chennai his home and founded the Chennai Trekking Club, helped save people stranded in seemingly unreachable places. In the video, he talks about swimming in the muddy water to rescue people, not knowing what dangerous objects lay beneath the water.

Pradeep John or the 'TamilNaduWeatherMan', used Facebook to deliver accurate interpretations of the rain patterns, and supplied people with much-needed clarity in terms of the weather situation in various areas of Chennai.

Standup comedian Aravind Subramanian who worked closely with RJ Balaji and actor Siddharth, shared a comical incident of a boy who expected him to land up in no time at all.

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All these and many more people in the video share their experiences of the horrors they saw, how they handled the situation, and even managed to find comic relief. Some managed to reconnect with love ones.

A powerful composition set by Amrit Rao concludes this beautiful video with a potent message from 'Mahakavi Bharatiyar':

"Acham Illai, Acham Illai, Acham Yenbadhillaiye. Uchi Medhu Vaan Idindhu Vizhugindrabothilum, Acham Illai, Acham Ilai, Acham Yenbathillaiye".

(We will have no fear, we will have no fear. Even if the skies break and fall on us, we will have no fear.)

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