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19 Photos That Defined India In 2015

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Be it Arvind Kejriwal's euphoria among multi-coloured balloons on the terrace of his Delhi home after a huge victory in the Delhi assembly elections or his distraught colleague Ashutosh's lament on national television after speaking to the daughter of a farmer who had killed himself at an Aam Aadmi Party rally, politics dominated the visuals this year.

India's agricultural produce underwent heavy losses this year and the debt-ridden Rajasthani farmer was shown in distressing TV footage hanging from a tree at the venue of the AAP rally against a controversial bill to ease land acquisition laws. An inconsolable Ashutosh, journalist-turned-AAP politician, asked for forgiveness from the farmer's daughter on live TV.

This was also the year social activist and acid attack survivor Laxmi and her partner Aloke Dixit became the proud parents of a baby girl, christened Pihu. Laxmi was seen holding the newborn at a hospital, an image that resonated with thousands on social media and gave other survivors hope.

A massive flooding in Chennai left thousands homeless. The city that accommodates about 4.5 million people came to a halt with submerged homes, damage to property, closed schools and factories and power cuts. But among the devastation, images that stood out were those of resilience, empathy and bonding.

The Dadri killing of a Muslim man on the suspicion that he had slaughtered and consumed a calf at his home shook the nation this year. The image of the shell-shocked family of Mohammad Akhlaq was used in media publications to debate whether society's tolerance was under threat.

The year brought a ray of hope for India and Pakistan's diplomatic relations when Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke protocol by visiting Pakistan to wish his counterpart Nawaz Sharif on his birthday.

Here are photos that stayed with us this year.

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