29/12/2015 1:04 AM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 7:56 PM IST

The Smartphone's Multiple Personality

Marco Vacca via Getty Images
Three commuters comfortably Seated in the subway train Busy working on their electronic device. Milano, Italy

The plan has changed. Every plan has changed. Try getting family together for anything from a Sunday lunch, to a weekend getaway to a cousin's destination wedding – all expenses paid, mind you. It's tough. You may think that if you have their time, you have their attention. Think again. Listen closely:

Meeta: So what's your Mum doing? Why can't she come with us on Sunday's trek?

Manjeet: She's on her WhatsApp group with her teacher colleagues of City Secondary. She's finalising who should play Joseph and Mary via pictures.

Meeta: What about Dad – and Manoj?

Manjeet: He is busy with his cycling group on Twitter – they are planning to ride out for a 100 km early this Sunday. Dad's watching Bahubali on his swish new Note 5; besides, he can't get enough of the stylus!

Phones have practically become our sixth sense, and connecting with buddies – of all ages and interests – round the clock was never easier. In a 24x 7 world needs are morphing into fleeting personalities – watch as your sister who is otherwise quiet as a mouse becomes a chat maniac barely looking up from her mobile-powered Learn Spanish session; your 60-year-old aunt grins away at an Internet meme on Snapchat; your gossipy girlfriend transforms into an instant baker with YouTube and your Chicago-based rapper cousin learns to intone Sanskrit shlokas uploaded on Sound Cloud...

Then again, it's fun to discover the true caller in you: a rapper, a birdwatcher, an activist, a revolutionary, an entrepreneur – it's all in the family! In a multi-tasking world it's only natural that your mobile can unleash multiple aspects of your personality round-the clock. All you need is a good plan that helps you keep pace and stay connected with your multi-tasking family and friends and allows you to be all you want to be!

The only important thing is to share the networked life with your dear ones.