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Editor Fired After Congress Party Mouthpiece Slams Nehru

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Cancelled Stamp From India Featuring Jawaharlal Nehru Who Was The First Prime Minister Of India

NEW DELHI -- Following the publication of articles which slammed former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's policy in Kashmir and questioned Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi's authority, the content editor of the party mouthpiece has been fired.

On Monday, NDTV reported that Sudhir Joshi, content editor of Congress Darshan (Hindi edition), published from Mumbai, has been fired.

These articles, which ran without bylines, were published as a tribute to the country's first Home Minister Sardar Vallabbhai Patel to mark the anniversary of his death on December 15, 1950, and it coincided with the 131st Foundation Day of the Congress Party.

One piece criticized Nehru for not following Patel's advice in foreign affairs. "Had Patel been heard then, the problems of Kashmir, China, Tibet and Nepal wouldn't have existed now," it said.

Joshi reportedly authored the piece on Nehru.

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The second piece focuses on Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi, describing her early life, her "ambition to become an air hostess," as well as allegations that her father was a member of the Italian forces which were defeated by the Russians in World War II.

"Sonia Gandhi's father Stephano Maino was a former fascist soldier," it said.

Sanjay Nirupam, editor-in-chief of Congress Darshan, has distanced himself from the content of the articles.

"I do not agree with the article. It seems to have been sourced, but I don't know who the writer is," he said, earlier today.

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