23/12/2015 2:06 PM IST | Updated 29/08/2016 9:01 PM IST

Scotch-o-licious treats this New Year

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Close up of bourbon in glasses in a row on bar

Hosting a party can never be an easy task, especially if you like to offer a unique evening to your guests. Be it a casual dinner, a Sunday brunch, BYOB get together or the annual New Year’s Eve, parties today are more about the creative experiences you create. And it isn’t an easy task. With a Barbeque that you did last year and a theme party you hosted the year before that you surely don’t want to repeat the same thing. There is a lot of thought that goes in planning an evening that everyone remembers. And if you are planning yours now, then we can help you for sure.

Instead of playing around different themes, we suggest you play with your food. Let’s be honest, your party will be great with two things- quality food and good music, in that order. We all love gourmet sensations and if you can pick to be different here, then you are sure to become the hosting diva. Remember you are creating a story through your food, there has to be consistency and emotion to it. There needs to be a head and tail to what you plan on your menu. Your food should be the hero of the evening. Here’s what you can consider to have on your menu.


What’s a party without a drink? You can choose between a Whiskey Sour and a Raymond Massey or actually have both on the menu. The sour and sweet flavour of the Whiskey Sour and the citrusy bitter flavour of the Raymond Massey make for the perfect cocktails for your guests. And if some likes their scotch on the rocks, then there is no match to a sophisticated glass of the woody liquor.


With molecular gastronomy so much in trend, you could choose do a Whiskey Caviar. Excite your guests with a little bit of drama with food. Vegetarian food was never so much fun. For the meat lovers your best flavourful bet will be the Whiskey and Chilli Tiger Prawns. Quick to prep, stylish to serve, these sweet and sour whiskey flavoured juicy crustaceans are an experience to be savoured and never hurried.


By now your guests are enticed and waiting for the magical mains. So here is how you can continue to surprise them. A spicy soy roast chicken with a hint of herbs and the finest single malt to make the sauce is our favourite. Chicken and whiskey go brilliantly together, but you need to perfect the cooking of the chicken and the balance of the soy and the whiskey in your sauce. Pair this with some mashed potatoes a mac and cheese and your mains are complete.


You cannot plan a party and not think of having a sweet ending to the evening. With whiskey as our core element we suggest you to go for the classic Christmas cake with a whiskey glaze served with a whiskey cream. For a more modern dessert you can also choose to serve the white chocolate whiskey bread and butter pudding served with a whiskey honeycomb. Add the whiskey cream to get that smoothness to bind the dish together.

Now usually you’d think that’s all you need to do, but why not go that extra mile and give your guests something as a token of love when they are leaving. Continue with the magic of whiskey and you can choose a fine scotch from Scotch Whisky Collection to gift to your friends. Now isn’t this truly a scotch-o-lacious treat?