22/12/2015 1:32 PM IST | Updated 29/08/2016 7:49 PM IST

Fans In India Are Losing It Over Aziz Ansari Chilling In Kerala

Aziz Ansari/Instagram

Indian-American actor and comedian Aziz Ansari sent fans to a tizzy after a picture of him wandering in the streets of Kerala surfaced on their Instagram feeds.

On Monday night, he posted a photograph of himself dressed in a simple white shirt, standing on a nondescript street in Trivandrum.

Finally back in India! Lots of Indian people here.

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His Indian fans, who loved him as Tom Haverford in Parks and Recreation and are now addicted to his character Dev Shah in the hit Netflix series Master of None, lost it over when they saw this picture. Soon they kicked off the guessing game, trying to figure where exactly he could be found and what was the reason behind his 'secret' vacation.

While most fans are hoping that he's scouring locations for a shoot or looking for inspiration for the second season of Master of None, Ansari himself seems to be pitching for the anchoring job at this local body building competition. Just imagine, what a riot it would be if he actually got to host this contest?

While Twitter gets busy investigating the reason for his visit, Ansari is busy appreciating a good cup of chai, and a great chai-maker.

Tea. Look at that technique!

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