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This Is What The Internet Wants SRK's Remake Of 'Breaking Bad' To Look Like


Shah Rukh Khan has been practically breaking the internet after news reports suggested that the Bollywood actor is planning to bring the much-loved TV show 'Breaking Bad' to the India, albeit with a desi twist.

In an interview, SRK told The Indian Express that he has been considering bringing 'Breaking Bad' to India in a movie format as the "Indian audience won’t be accepting of meth, drugs and the mafia.”

The Internet has since then been trying to imagine what SRK's remake of 'Breaking Bad' would be like.

The title would probably be something like this:

And the cast:

But, some people have other opinions on the cast:

And what the plot may be like:

Meanwhile, we also found out SRK is one of the biggest fans of the TV show.

Breaking Bad time. Packet of chips,bed, cola and nothing comes between me and 'if u dont know me, ur best course is to tread carefully'

Posted by Shah Rukh Khan on Monday, 12 August 2013

We wonder if King Khan is going to prove the Internet wrong, and turn out a complete surprise.

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