15/12/2015 3:07 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

ISRO Denies Sighting Of Any 'Mysterious Flying Object' Over Its Mahendragiri Centre

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TIRUNELVELI -- A mysterious flying object has reportedly been sighted by shepherds over Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO's) Mahendragiri centre and neighbouring forest areas.

Police said the shepherds, who were grazing cattle, claimed to have seen a mysterious object flying over the cryogenic testing centre of ISRO on Sunday.

However, ISRO officials denied any such 'flight' over the Centre at Mahendragiri, about 55 km from here.

Police said the shepherds had told them that the object flew near the seventh watch tower, where no one had been posted for a long time.

Officials of police and forest departments, besides ISRO, were interrogating the shepherds to ascertain what exactly they had seen, they said.

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