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Grateful Mother Who Gave Birth In An Uber Cab Gives Baby The Obvious Name


His parents probably didn't think this through, but the baby boy who was born in a Uber cab in Delhi will probably witness a very awkward time once he reaches middle school. After all, he has reportedly been named after the car service and is now called Uber. Yes, you read that right.

On Wednesday at 8:00 pm in Delhi, Uber driver Shahnawaz Khan got the usual call for a taxi, the time and hour of which first made him want to cancel it. But after checking that the ride was meant to go to the hospital, he came around and decided to make the trip.

According to an earlier report, Khan said, "Some guy called Sanjay had made the call, but upon reaching there [at 9 pm], I found a lady — Babli, who was heavily pregnant — waiting for me.”

As he soon found out that the pregnant woman was about to deliver the baby within minutes of them hitting the road, Khan made all the arrangements for a safe delivery — fishing out towels, and whatever clothing he had stored in the back of his car to help the birth, and even standing guard.

But that was not all, he also helped Babli into the hospital, lay her on the stretcher and made sure that she and the baby were safe.

Now to show their gratitude towards not only Khan, but the cab service through which they met the driver, Babli and her husband Raj Kumar have decided to name their baby boy Uber.

Mother Babli and baby Uber are doing well

In a similar incident few months ago, a distressed Muslim woman in labour and her husband had delivered a baby boy at a Ganpati temple in Mumbai with help from locals, and named him Ganesh.

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