11/12/2015 3:49 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 8:02 PM IST

Make the Most out of Mosambi

Carlos Osorio via Getty Images
Alistair Cameron of Cheesewerks makes a Mango Lime soda using a homemade simple syrup and Q Water which is Toronto water filtered 4 times. For story by Chantaie Allick about researchers in the UK who have reported on the effects a of a fat tax on unhealthy food items. May 15, 2012 (Photo by Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

There is nothing like a tall glass of chilled sweet lime juice, a favourite downer when thirsty, hot and bothered. The benefits of this wonder are well known but is that really important when all you're driven by is an uncontrollable urge to relish that sweet, refreshing drink in the midst of a sultry day?

No wonder the juice is among the top favourites at any juice bar. Refreshing on its own or combined with other citrus fruits, mosambi juice is an all-season winner. Enjoying a sweet lime juice is as simple as ABC. The markets are full of this humble bounty, but be sure to pick up sweet limes with as thin a skin as possible for juicing. Choose a ripe yellow fruit without any discoloration, that's smooth in texture, and heavy with juice. Beware of mixing in pith as you squeeze out the juice from the skinned wedges, else you will end up with a bitter aftertaste. A dash of chaat masala or black salt will perk up this freshest of drinks.

You could also try sweet mosambi wedges as a breakfast side for a happy tummy. Or combine with grapefruit and orange slices drizzled with golden honey for a cooling citrus fruit plate. Mosambi juice is a great way to hydrate in between or post workouts. Or enjoy it with a 'spirited' twist as a sundowner!

Now apart from enjoying sweet lime as a drink and a salad, you can put its unique enzymes to good use to marinate meat. You can try out a sweet lime and soy marinade for meat or veggies and see your dishes transform into finger-licking good fare! You can even use readymade mosambi juice for convenience. In fact a dash of mosambi juice in your cake batter will reward you with the moistest and most delicious cake you can imagine!

The best part is that no matter how you have this fruit, your cup of happiness will overflow. Count on magic and zing in your menu as you sip on this golden nectar, munch on this sweet starter or bite into succulent fare delicately flavoured with mosambi. Oh, the simple joys of mosambi!

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