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'Angry Indian Goddesses' Director Pan Nalin Has Been Getting Threatening Phone Calls

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Mere days after a video showing some of the weirdest cuts made to the recently released Angry Indian Goddesses came out, the film's director, Pan Nalin, has claimed that he has been receiving threatening phone calls.

"I will not allow (myself) to be terrorised by messages and calls I have been receiving like, 'How dare you blaspheme Hinduism through Angry Indian Goddesses? We will make sure you go Charlie Hebdo way!'" or another one goes 'What did you achieve by showing these non-Sanskari Indians!' I need not say anything more," he said in a statement, as reported by IANS.

Angry Indian Goddesses is set in Goa, centering around a bunch of friends who meet for a common friend's wedding. Starring an ensemble of seven actresses — including Sandhya Mridul, Sarah-Jane Dias, and singer Anushka Manchanda (making her debut) — the film has been appreciated by audiences and critics for its no-holds barred portrayal of urban Indian women and the issues that concern them.

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The irony is that these are the reactions Nalin is getting after the film has been mercilessly butchered by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC, commonly referred to as the Censor Board), who, inexplicably, asked the makers to blur images of Hindu goddesses along with mutes to seemingly harmless words such as 'lunch', 'Adivasi', and 'sarkar'. In all, the film received 16 cuts.

Moreover, according to reports, a number of people are said to be unhappy with the the film's portray of a lesbian love story between two of its characters.

There's just no excitement left in reaching a new low anymore, is there?


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