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Chennai Students Who've Lost Their Books In The Floods Have Two Young Saviours

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Chennai rains have severely impacted several students. Some schools and colleges are still shut. Meanwhile, many students who have lost their textbooks and notebooks to the floods are perplexed about coping with the syllabus, according to a report by The Times of India.

Although the state government has distributed 50,000 notebooks in Chennai, there is still a lot to cover.

To help these students, two young men have started a WhatsApp initiative that involves sourcing books from across Tamil Nadu, says the report. 24-year-old A Vivek, who has just completed his ME from St Joseph’s College of Engineering, and his brother Vipin started this project on 6 December.

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Students who have lost their books in the flood can WhatsApp their requirements to the duo, who will then source books from other parts of the country and send it to them.

The next day they woke up to 25 requests, and took it as encouragement to push ahead. “We are collecting funds from India and abroad, and buying books for school and college students, according to the requirement,” said Vivek.

Other citizens and communities have also stepped up to aid their youth. Textbooks are difficult to get at this time of the year. However, a book store in Mylapore is offering free textbooks, notebooks, pens and pencils.

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According to the report, the Senior Citizens Group Of Besant Nagar is also requesting people to donate old and new school and college textbooks. “Since we all manage on our pension, we can’t afford to buy new book,” says Professor V Chandrashekar, president of the group.

The report also said that educational instititions were adopting all possible measures to reassure their students. In addition to acquiring books, school counsellors will also be doing the rounds to talk to students, and help them cope.

Contact Vipin at 9677035963 or Vivek at 9566180758.

The Senior Citizens Group Of Besant Nagar can be contacted at 9884224480 (Chandrashekhar) or books can be dropped off at B 12/12, 25th Cross Street, Besant Nagar.

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