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Smart Bride Calls Off Wedding After Groom Fails To Dial A Number On Smartphone

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An Indian couple worshipping the fire deity, as a part of the Indian traditional wedding rituals.Fire deity is considered to be a primary witness of a Hindu marriage.

The answer to a successful marriage lies in solving the problem -- quite literally.

On Monday, in the Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh, a bride called off her marriage after the groom failed to count beyond nine and couldn't answer some basic questions posed by her. The girl’s family alleged that the groom was ‘illiterate’ and ‘mentally unfit.’

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Khushboo Saxena was all set to marry Omveer Singh of Auraiyya. The girl's side thought it was a good match as they had been told he was a graduate and owned 60 bighas of land.

However, it didn't turn out that way.

When the marriage proceedings began, one of the bride’s friends told her that the groom was unable to recite the wedding mantras properly. It was then that Saxena decided to test her groom-not-to-be.

She handed him a few coins and asked him to add them up. However, Singh couldn't count beyond nine. Following this, Saxena then asked him to differentiate between 69 and 79, and he was unsuccessful. Finally, she handed him her smartphone, and asked him to dial her number. Singh attempted to do so, but failed.

Saxena then decided to call off the wedding. She remained unmoved even after Singh pleaded with her, claiming he was unable to answer her questions because he was "distracted by the DJ and there was too much noise at the venue". A panchayat of local elders was convened on the spot but they too failed to convince the girl to accept Singh as her husband.

Having completed studies till Class 8, Saxena's ultimate alleged goal was to become a teacher. She would never accept an 'illiterate' husband, the guests who were there to attend the wedding said.

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Finally, the two families agreed to return gifts, including jewellery, exchanged during the pre-wedding rituals.

A similar incident took place earlier this year in March, when a groom in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur Dehat district returned home sans a bride after he failed to solve a simple mathematical problem.

The bride had asked the groom to add 15 and six. When he replied 17, she called off the marriage.

Clearly, in today's India if you're going to want to test the bride's tea-making skills, you'll have to reciprocate with some 'sine' of your own.

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