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60-Year-Old Chennai Woman Who Waded Through Waist-Deep Water To Deliver Milk To Her Customers Is An Internet Celebrity

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"Even if the wind is blowing or the sky is pouring, I will deliver," promised Chennai-based Radha, who has been delivering milk in the city since the late 1970s.

As torrential rains disrupted the usual harmony of life in the Tamil Nadu capital, leaving millions without access to basic essentials, Radha has been a steady source of at least one necessity -- milk -- to her customers in Srividhya Apartments in Chennai.

The 60-year-old, who has been working with Aavin, Tamil Nadu's state milk cooperative, did not hesitate to wake up at 4 am on 2 December and wade through knee-deep water to pick up the milk from her vendors and complete her duties, reported The News Minute, after a tweet showing Radha wading through waist-deep water went viral.

When a local took a photo of her and posted it on Twitter, Radha, a mother of two, became an overnight internet celebrity.

But when Radha, whose children are well established, would go to so much trouble to deliver milk, she told The News Minute: "So many people are dependent on me, how can I not go? And so much milk would go waste if I don't deliver it!"

Read The News Minute story here.

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