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Annoyed Delhi HC Asks Centre If Gods Sat In Cabinet Meetings And Decided Upon Issues

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NEW DELHI -- Do gods sit in the cabinet meeting and decide the issues or is the cabinet something beyond the heaven which can't deal with a relevant issue, the Delhi High Court today said expressing annoyance at the Centre's delay in sanctioning additional police for the national capital.

"Do some gods sit in the cabinet meeting and decide the issues or the cabinet is something beyond heaven which can't even deal with a relevant issue," a bench comprising Justice BD Ahmed and Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva said.

The bench's observation came after Additional Solicitor General Sanjay Jain submitted that an inter-ministerial cabinet note is being prepared on the issue of additional police force in the national capital.

"As a judge and as a person, I am very dejected with the way the matter is dealt (with) by the Centre and concerned authorities."

"You all are killing your people. These very people elected you. Everyday, incidents of crime are reported against women, child and senior citizen," Justice Ahmed said.

The bench also pulled up the bureaucracy, saying what kind of officials were they that they can't prepare a note in six weeks for the cabinet.

"What set of bureaucrats are there that they can't prepare a proper cabinet note in six weeks while lawyers can prepare a petition in one night. Even judges write thousand pages judgement, then why can't these officials prepare a three-page note..what kind of efficiency is this?" the bench asked.

The bench said it was absolutely disappointed with the way the issue was being dealt with despite the earlier orders of the court.

"Delhi Police has submitted they need additional forces to provide proper security to the people of Delhi and even the Ministry of Home Affairs has seconded their view. Then why the matter is stuck between interministerial discussions on a cabinet note?" it said.

The bench asked the central government to file an affidavit by the next date of hearing on whether it has funds to create additional force or not and secondly whether it intends to create the additional force or not.

The court also asked the central government to explain why the cabinet note has not been prepared till now and posted the matter for further hearing on December 21.

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