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#ChennaiFlood Victims Need Shelter And Food: Here's How You Can Help Them


The heaviest rainfall in over a century has caused massive flooding Tamil Nadu, driving thousands from their homes, shutting auto factories and paralysing the airport in the state capital Chennai.

Indian airlines suspended flights into Chennai's flooded international airport, causing wider disruption to air travel.

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"The biggest challenge is to find a way to clear the inundated airport and main roads," said Anurag Gupta at the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) in New Delhi.

Passengers stranded at the airport said they did not know when they would be able to fly, or where to stay if they could not.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered rescue teams and paramilitary forces to launch an extensive relief and rescue operation in Chennai.

If you are in another city or safe in Chennai, and willing to help the the flood victims, here's how can do it.

1. Offer shelter

A Google document, ‘#ChennaiRains (Available Shelter, Rescues Needed, Helpline Numbers, Other Resources)’ is being widely shared on social media platforms which has information to locate a shelter, occupancy and corresponding contact information and social media links.

You can go and update the Google doc if you are willing to provide shelter. There are already 350 entries.

Click the link here to update the doc.

You can also put in your details on this webpage ‘‘ which is listing all the information on availability of shelters in the city.

You can also call on this number to offer shelter.

2. Call these numbers to distribute blankets and food.

2. Buy them a Zomtao meal

Zomato's CEO Deepinder Goyal shared a link on Twitter stating that the company has put together a 'Meal for Flood relief' delivery service for people stranded in the submerged parts in the city.

Its meal plan is supported by seven famous city restaurants including Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Prems Graama Bhojanam, Kolapasi, Dindigul Thalappakati, Nawab Sheikh Biryani, Meat and Eat and Katti Roll.

There are two meal plans in place as of now. A meal for two is priced at Rs 100 while a meal for four is priced at Rs 400. Both meals will be delivered in half an hour.

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That's not all, Goyal has also stated in his tweet that for every meal that is bought by anyone, Zomato will also contribute a meal from their side and ensure that it's delivered to those in the flood-affected areas who need it the most.

If you wish to join Zomato's relief efforts to help get food to areas affected by floods in Chennai, click here.

3. Send them boats

If you know of someone who is stranded, you can call on this number and ask for a boat.

4. Recharge your friend's phone

5. Donate ingredients to the open kitchen

If you want to donate rice, dal, tamarind, salt or any other ingredients to open kitchens, click here to fill the form.

HELP WITH PROVISIONS NEEDED URGENTLY !! If you are able to donate rice, Dal, tamarind, salt PLEASE call Thanigai at...

Posted by Chennai Rain Relief 2015 - CRR on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

HELP!!Any one offering help or seeking help. Please fill in this form to help you better:

Posted by Chennai Rain Relief 2015 - CRR on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

6. Report a flooded street

If you want to report a flooded street, you can do it here. You can zoom into the map and click it.

7. Donate food, offer cars

Actor Siddharth has launched a Twitter hashtag #ChennaiMicro asking people to donate food and offer their cars

Using the hashtag, you can let the volunteers know how you can help.

8. Use #ChennaiRainsHelp on Twitter for any sort of help you want to provide

Use the hashtag #ChennaiRainsHelp to offer or request shelter or aid. Twitter India has been curating these tweets. So, if you want to provide any sort of help, tweet using the hashtag. Don't tweet out general updates on the Chennai rains using this hashtag. ONLY use it offer or ask for help.

9. Spread the list of verified doctors and hospitals available for help

10. Fill this crowdsourced form if you want to provide help on food or shelter.

This is the hub of crowdsourced information and assistance on ‪‎Chennai rain. You can find all details on shelter, food etc. If you wish to volunteer, please fill the form here.

11. Join this man if you are a good swimmer

Rescue mission started at Thoraipakkam. Good swimmers are welcome to join us in evacuating people from more deeply...

Posted by Peter Van Geit on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

12. Donate From your doorstep

Lookup, a chat app, has partnered with Bhumi, India’s largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisations for the relief efforts in Chennai.

You donate things right from your doorstep, by downloading Lookup, and then letting them know your location.

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