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Holy Sh*t! It's Been 15 Years Since Priyanka Chopra Was Crowned Miss World!

The new Miss World, India's Priyanka Chopra, 18, is reflected in a mirror during a photo session in London Friday, December 1, 2000, the morning after after she won her title.(AP Photo/Max Nash)

NEW DELHI -- It's been 15 years that Priyanka Chopra was crowned Miss World, and to celebrate it the actress took a trip down memory lane. The 33-year-old actress took to her Instagram and posted a picture of her 18-year-old self from the Miss World competition. In the picture, Priyanka is seen waving at the crowd with a teary eye along with a big tiara on her head.

The Mary Kom(2014) star captioned the picture, "Wow has it been 15 years already!!! Dayam!! Where has time flown! Thank u all for the wishes."

Wow has it been 15 years already!!! Dayam!! Where has time flown! Thank u all for the wishes.

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Priyanka did commit a faux pax at the event -- when asked about a (living) person who she admired the most, the Bajirao Mastani star answered Mother Teresa who had died in 1997. But she recovered quickly with a smart response to Shah Rukh Khan's (who was one of the judges) question.

SRK's question: "This is hypothetical. Who would you rather marry? A great Indian sportsmen with all the records in Indian cricket like Azhar bhai (former Indian skipper Mohammad Azzharuddin) here who would make our country proud, take you all around the world and make you swell with pride or an artistic businessman with a difficult name to pronounce like Swarovski who would bedeck you with jewels and fine necklace and you'll never have to buy a chandelier for your house ever again or a Hindi film star like me who has nothing better to do than give you complicated multiple choice questions about a hypothetic wedding like this."

Priyanka's reply: 'I'd go for a great Indian sportsman because when I come back home or he comes back home, I know I will be there to be his support to tell him I am proud of him just as much as India is. To be able to tell him, 'Hey look, you did your best, you are the best. I will take immense pride in my husband who will be a man of strong character if he can bring so much pride to my country.'

Priyanka Chopra may well be proud of her accomplishment. She is one of the many beautiful Indian women who have earned the glittering Miss World crown. Let's take a look at who else made India proud by winning the coveted title.

Here's to many more Indian women taking the world by storm!

  • Amritsar Di Heer/ Facebook
    Exactly 21 years ago, another one of Bollywood's superstars, a beaming Aishwariya Rai stepped forward to don the Miss World tiara. Amidst much fanfare, Aishwariya Rai was crowned Miss World 1994. In Miss India contest, Aishwariya came second after Sushmita Sen. It is rumoured that a lot of contestants opted out of the contest as Aishwariya was so beautiful.
  • Wesley via Getty Images
    Reita Faria was the first Asian woman to win the Miss World title. A perfect example of beauty with brains, Reita Faria rejected numerous movie offers and went on to do her medical degree after winning the Miss World 1966 title. She stoked controversy by joining American entertainer Bob Hope as part of the cheering up South Vietnam brigade when the Government of India was supporting Ho Chi Minh's Communist government in North Vietnam.
  • Miss Bahamas Blast From the Past/ Facebook
    Diana Hayden was the third Indian woman to win the coveted Miss World tiara. An actress, a model and a beauty queen, Diana was crowned Miss World 1997 at the age of 24. Diana Hayden bagged all three awards of Miss Photogenic, Miss Beach-wear/swimsuit competition & Miss World 1997
  • ADRIAN DENNIS via Getty Images
    Yukta Mookhey stepped up after Diana, to earn the sparkly Miss World crown. Yukta won the crown in 1999 but could not make a mark in the film industry. She is now an active member of the Bharatiya Janta Party.

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