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WATCH: India's Stunning Pavilion Has A Waterfall Which Spells At Paris Climate Change Talks

PARIS -- India's pavilion at the U.N. Climate Change Conference, equipped with a waterfall with spelling patterns, an iPad village, and an interactive display of its challenges to counter global warming, has created quite a buzz.

While the U.N. Climate Change Conference officially kicked off on Sunday evening with housekeeping matters, most attendees used the day to explore the vast Le Bourget Centre in the north of Paris.

Many paused to click photographs of the India pavilion, which is a 360 degree projection around a tree. Its design has shied away from garlands and folks songs, and ventured into modern, chic and trendy.

Anjan Chatterjee, the creative designer for Showtime, an event management company based in Gurgaon, was the brains behind the operation.

"The brief we got from the Prime Minister's office wanted to showcase the past on how India has lived in harmony with nature, but not be frozen in the past. We wanted to showcase what India is today," Chatterjee told HuffPost India.

"There is not a single piece of printed information here. Everything is all digital. We felt that it has to be interactive," he said.

The waterfall spells out "India @COP 21, Paris 205, 5th largest wind energy producer, Kochi, the world’s first green airport, and Just Climate Action."

Watch the video above.

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