27/11/2015 11:09 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

This New (Bizarre) Condom Challenge Is Breaking Social Media

After the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge, to promote awareness and gain aid for Lou Gehrig's disease or ALS, several challenges have tried to make their presence felt. The latest dare (though it hasn't yet hit the Indian subcontinent), that's actually grabbing a lot of attention on social media, has been hashtagged Condom Challenge, in an effort to promote safe sex around the globe. It also aims to establish that any guy, no matter what his size can definitely fit into a condom, eradicating a popular excuse to avoid wearing protection.

Since November 16, people have been filling condoms with water to bursting point and dropping it over their friends heads, and the results seem quite hilarious, though not entirely safe: When completed correctly, instead of bursting (as expected), the condom simply engulfs the individual's head that it has been dropped on, giving their heads a strange bubble-face like appearance.

The trend first appears to have started in Japan (watch the video above), and has generated enough attention to support it's own social media pages. Here's what it actually looks like:

20 tries and 20 condoms later.. #condomchallenge @matchu_chutrain

A video posted by Hayden McMurtrey (@hmcmurtr) on

#condomchallenge 😂😂😂

A video posted by condomchallenge official (@condomchallenge.official) on

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