25/11/2015 4:53 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Members Of The Sikh Community Open Up About 'Being Sikh', And It Is Truly Touching

How did langars (common canteen) really start? What's the basis behind the long-standing joke "sardar ke barah baj gaye"? What does the kirpan (dagger) stand for?

To mark Guru Nanak Jayanti, this year, Youtube channel Being Indian spoke several members from the Indian Sikh community on what is it really like to be a Sikh in India.

They uncovered some beautiful truths behind essential basic rules which the community follows; like the fact that the dastar (Sikh turban), worn both by men and women from the community, actually establishes equality between them. Or that the refusal to cut or trim hair from one's body means an acceptance of one's natural state.

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One man summed it up beautifully by saying this:

"Agar hazaron, lakhon ki bheed mein khada ho, toh sardar sabse alag dikhta hai. Agar woh hi kuch galat kaam kare, toh bahut bura lagta hai."

Translation: "In a crowd of thousands, or lakhs, a Sardar always stands out. And if he is doing something wrong, it is easily spotted, and it is a bad feeling."

Watch the video (above) to understand what it feels like to be a Sikh in India, today.

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