24/11/2015 4:27 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 8:10 PM IST

Reflections on a LUVly Smart Ride

Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images
Portrait of woman with head out of car window, doing devil hand sign while driving on mountain

So I rolled out, full capacity from the first minute! What a hearty party boarded - the owner, with six people in tow, took possession with so much enthu...

What a lively bunch they were! Two of them got started right away on the Smart Play, launching music and other stuff from their smartphones. The fellows in the second row adjusted the air-conditioning for themselves. I noticed all this, while cruising down the thoroughfares a bright late morning, and I was getting noticed on the street myself – ahem! In all modesty, I should say it must be my new chrome grille, the bumper styling front and back – call it the facelift effect. My already popular ilk, we are called the Ertiga, just look more attractive. While economists, who you found so boring in your college days, love to speak of utility – which is basically how useful something is – it really boils down to luv. I mean, what else do you call that spirit of having space for people, ensuring their comfort, attending to their convenience, regaling them, and being a host that exudes bonhomie? I know luv is the feeling that made Mr. Raj( I must sometime sneak a look at his driving license that's in the glove compartment) want to buy me, that made him get his favourite people along on the maiden drive. And it is care that makes sure that the folks in the second row too can readily plug in their devices. That everyone's on a good seat. See how they are admiring how my navigation system has no difficulty following what anyone says, whether they are saying it with a Mallu or with a Bong accent!

Mr. Raj must be 31, I think. He's making a good impression with me. It sends out a signal that you are ready to connect with more people in your life, that you are not an isolated kind of soul. Now who doesn't look for this quality in someone they want to be in a relationship with? It's like, he's saying, sure bring along your cousin, sister-in-law, gardener's son, and harmonium teacher – there's enough room and we can stay comfortable. What's luv got to do with it? Everything, I'd say. And we are today's generation – we care for people, and we care about the environment. Whether it's regenerating power while the speed is dropping, to give to the engine when it needs it, or the regular generous mileage, we show Nature some luv.

In here, we don't have to pass a bottle of water from the front, or hand back an empty cup from the last row – my interior design is all about a very handy convenience. Right from a push-button for Start/Stop, it's all about offering this convenience. It's also a spread-out kinda luv where if you're in, you are important.

Ups, downs and sharp turns... Life goes through lot. But there's something that keeps us going – the feeling called LUV. Introducing the all-new Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. "If road trip are your thing, drive up with LUV"